Want Sponsors? This is the Best Advice for Those Seeking Event Sponsorships

When it comes to finding event sponsors, you need to understand the best practices to land the contracts your organization needs. The problem that many organizations run into is that they do not set themselves apart from the myriad of other organizations trying to find event sponsors in the same way.

So, what should you do to make your organization stand out from the rest? Aim high! By going after what you want from the beginning, rather than settling for any willing sponsors that come your way, you will end up with sponsors that better fit all the way around. You’ll reap the benefits; they’ll reap the benefits; and, your audience will reap the benefits.

To help you prepare event sponsorship proposals that result in better RIO, check out these key pieces of advice from industry pros.

It’s All About Your Audience

We all love to talk about ourselves. But, this is not about you. Instead, when it comes to event sponsors, the sponsors don’t want the audience to notice you. They want your audience to notice them. So, use your proposal to show them how this is possible.

Focus on Your Fans

Again, event sponsorship is ultimately about the fans. The most effective event sponsorship packages find ways to make the event meaningful to your unique audience. Therefore, show potential sponsors how their contribution will be unique for your audience and will benefit their brand.

Keep Yourself in Check

It is always important to keep yourself in check. You must be cognizant of the current economic climate, changing trends, and other factors that will affect the details of the sponsorship. Manage your expectations and aim for achievable outcomes.

Go After What You Want

Instead of wasting huge amounts of time by contacting all the companies that sponsor events, go after the companies you want! You know who and what your event needs, so focus primarily on landing these potential sponsors.

Concentrate on Sponsor Needs

We can’t say it enough – this is bigger than you! When it comes to landing event sponsors, you must sell it based on how it will help them. For example, how is the dynamic speaker of the event relevant to their needs? Companies interested in sponsoring events may need you to present them with ideas of the various ways their sponsorship could benefit their organization.

Think Beyond the Event

If you plan only to present the number of planned attendees, you are missing out on a much larger number of people the sponsor can influence. For example, even those who do not tend the event can learn about the sponsor through social media tools.

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

As soon as you have the dates confirmed and permissions to host the event, get busy. Your window closes soon than you realize. You must give potential sponsors time to make decisions.

Keep Everyone Happy

If you want your event to be a success, you want to keep everyone happy. In reality, the most important group to keep happy in this situation is the fans. If you alienate or annoy your audience, then they lose interest in both your organization and the sponsors, and nobody wins.

Go Straight to the Big Boss

When you are ready to present your event sponsorship proposals, skip the middleman and go straight to the top. For example, even if a company employs a sponsorship manager, he/she is not the person who gives the final okay. So, skip this person and goes to the person who signs the dotted line.

Plan Ahead for Renewals

Too many event planners make the mistake of closing the deal and closing their brain. Just because the deal is done doesn’t mean you stop working. Make sure you are doing everything on your side to deliver what you’ve promised. Then, start prepping for renewal event sponsorship packages. Show the sponsor why they should continue to work with you.