Tips on How to Find Sponsors For Your Event

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of holding events is finding the funding. This is the main reason why many companies prefer to find sponsors to fund their events instead of having to raise the funds directly from the attendees. Though many companies would have to go through the grueling process of looking for sponsors and convincing them to fund the event, there are others who prefer to look for sponsors through quick and easy channels such as SponsorMyEvent.

Channels to find sponsorships

Though there may be many channels like this that exist online, it still cannot beat thorough sponsorship search. The reason being easy channels may offer sponsors fast but there is no guarantee for quality sponsors. For example,Kickstarter is known for their successful projects and events. However, Kickstarters failed events still exceed the number of successful ones as per Kickstarter’s official statistics.

Crowdfunding your events through Kickstarter

According to the figures, only a third of approved projects were proven to be successful while the others have failed. In fact, 85% of the failed projects did not even reach their targeted revenue. It can be seen here that Kickstarter only accepts well created projects in order for them to have a good portfolio. Though Kickstarter is very strict with the approval of projects, the same cannot be said for the proposers. Though a huge number of people were interesting backing up events, not all event hosts were willing to put their full effort in it. With this issue, many of projects in Kickstarer often  fail miserably.

Through this issue, Kickstart also did their part in advising those willing to fund projects. As per advised from Kickstarter, reach out to people you know before the launch. We all hear about projects that captivate the internet and meet their funding goals in a few hours, but those, unfortunately, are anomalies.

This would also be the same for SponsorMyEvent. Though the number of accounts are growing in this platform, sponsors still remain very strict with the projects and events that they approve. They would usually find good projects to fund outside of SponsorMyEvent as most of the profiles in the database are crudely and poorly crafted.

With this, it is recommended that for an event to be successful, it has to generate tremendous amount of buzz in various channels in order to achieve its goal. With 15% of sponsors coming from actual requests from the sponsors themselves, this tells us that as long as the event is good, the sponsor will be the one to initiate the funding.

Aside from the well crafted content of the proposal, a successful event also entails a very hands on and also capable organizer or host. Only hosts or organizers that are willing to go out of their way to make their events do well will end up with a successful result.

Many people actually have this misconception that SponsorMyEvent is a platform to find the best event to fund. However, SponsorMyEvent is actually just a marketplace where the sponsor can look for the best organizer and vice versa. The choice of the sponsor will entirely depend on its discretion. The job of SponsorMyEvent is to bridge the gap between the two parties and also offer tools to help manage the communication between them.

Other ways to find sponsors

StartMyEvent has launched a set of video lessons that would address some of the concerns of the new signees. The lessons would cover the creation of the account and the dashboard up until knowing how to close a deal with the sponsor.


In conclusion, finding sponsors can be a tough job that requires a lot of work between both parties. Even more so from the side of the organizers. There are various platforms available to help the facilitate the search for sponsors and raise funds for your events including StartMyEvent which aids the sponsor and the organizer in making the event a success by providing events management services to make the event work.

Other platforms that could be handy when trying to find sponsors are StartMyEvent and KickStarter as they help facilitate the buzz and community for event organizers and sponsors to help fund the events.