The 4 Irrefutable Qualities of World-Class Public Speakers

Public speaking is a wonderful profession that can lead to numerous opportunities and career paths. As a public speaker, your goal is to talk in front of the audience and compel them into making decisions. At times, you will also be tasked to highlight an organizational message or a set of specified objectives. Whichever your goal is, you must understand that you can be mediocre or world-class in your public speaking career.

If you want to become a world-class public speaker, you must embody these top 4 irrefutable qualities:

1. High Level of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is important, not just in public speaking, but in all aspects of your life as well. If you are aware of your identity as a public speaker, you can perform at high standards. Before you even take on the journey of public speaking, you must have a self-awareness vision. This will serve as the map that will take you to great levels of success. Without a map, you’d be lost in the sea of competition.

To become fully self-aware, you need to understand your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, and fixations. Jotting them all down in your diary is a nice step but you should start working on those factors as soon as possible. For example: if you’re aware that you have a weakness in storytelling, you can double your efforts in rehearsing stories. Alternatively, you can also watch videos of the world’s most popular storytellers and speakers. However, if you want a well-rounded approach, you can try improving your interpersonal skill. By doing so, all other communication aspects of your life will totally change for the better. You can also benefit from the critiques of professional speakers. They already know what’s ahead, and they can give you advice on how to improve your craft. Finding these speakers is easy; you can simply join a public speaking forum or a social media group. If you registered in public speaking classes and workshops, you’d have the proper contacts right away.

2. Vibrant Storytelling

Public speaking incorporates a nice flow of storytelling and informational relay. In a way, public speakers are storytellers. The core message of your speech cannot be delivered effectively without the use of stories. Think of the stories as navigational beacons that will get your data points across. Being a good storyteller requires daily practice, especially if you want to be competent enough in the public speaking arena. At first, you can try reading and rehearsing some popular story pieces shared by renowned public speakers. However, it’s better if you can come up with stories based on your experiences. Don’t be afraid to share your life’s pitfalls and lessons.

Each story that you want to share must be integrated nicely with your speech outline. In this way, the audience will be able to grasp the lessons and content of the stories.

In order to make your stories vibrant, you should inject humor and a wide display of emotions. Let your audience connect with you properly so that your stories can serve as ‘bridges.’ If there are proper communication bridges, the audience will be happier and they’d be more compelled to take action after your speech.

3. Absolute Generosity

Generosity is an important trait in public speaking. You must be generous in sharing helpful data to your audience. While it’s not mandatory that you share 100% of the information you have, you should aim for approximately 70%. Remember, your audience will know if you’re holding back information. Before preparing your speech outline, you should determine your ‘why.’ The Why analogy will help you become more truthful in terms of delivery and will also give you the motivation to share all possible data points. Public speaking events are meant to enlighten people. They must get something from your speech – whether it’s a lesson, an epiphany, or a set of useful life strategies.

4. Rockstar Confidence

If you want your presentation to become more interesting and successful, you need to develop rockstar confidence. This trait can get you to places because confident people are the movers and shakers of society. During your first public speaking gig, it’s a normal thing to be nervous. You can control your anxiety through proper mental preparation. Start by mapping out your main goal as a public speaker. From there, you can connect other smaller goals. This will let you see the big picture so you can plan all the way to the end. Confident public speakers will gain more offers, opportunities, and a higher income net.

Engaging in a confident mindset is similar to fine-tuning a vehicle. Before you go up the stage, recite your mantras internally. Focus on positive and progressive thoughts to drown your anxiety and give way to ultimate confidence.

Managing Your Public Speaking Reputation

Now that you know about the top irrefutable traits of world-class speakers, you can create a blueprint of your public speaking journey. At first, your reputation will be a small blip in the radar, or a tiny drop in the sea of competition. But don’t worry – your reputation will climb up with every public speaking gig. As you gain more clients, you should have a reputation management system in place.

One of the best strategies in managing your public speaking reputation is to build a website. Through your website, clients can see your portfolio and even send their questions. You can also add wonderful content in your site so that clients can gain something valuable. Record your gigs and post them in your website. This way, clients can assess your speaking skills and style.

Another useful method is to create a Facebook page. In your page, you can also answer the inquiries of clients and have a useful arm for marketing. Your Facebook page should be linked to your website for convenience.


Just like other paths in life, public speaking is full of challenges and opportunities. To become a world-class speaker, you must be ready to break down barriers and focus on important things for your career. Remember, with every successful public speaking gig, your skills are going to improve!