15 Creative Ways to Boost Foot Traffic to Exhibition Booths

As event planners and event exhibitors are both hoping for promising ROI, it is imperative that they work together to encourage higher foot traffic to exhibition booths. And, the booth babes no longer cut it when it comes to drawing attention to an event exhibitor. Instead, today’s most successful event planners and event exhibitors know […]

Better Benefits Will Lead to Increased Event Sponsorships

You want event sponsors, but so does everyone else. Sponsors receive benefits from you, and in return, you reap the rewards. Or not. Unfortunately, too many event planners include the same old traditional (and boring) benefits in their event sponsorship proposals, and then they are surprised when they don’t land sponsorships that are worth their […]

6 Tried and True Ways to Boost Booth Traffic

So, you’ve done it. You’ve found event exhibitors, and you’ve got them to commit to one of your event exhibitor packages. Hooray! Just because you have an agreement and they plan to show up doesn’t mean you get to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, your work is just getting started. You must do all you […]

5 Tips to Secure More Event Exhibitors

When it comes to planning a major event that relies on exhibitions, you have to plan to secure enough event exhibitors to make it a success. However, it is not always easy to find companies are interested in exhibiting at events or are interested in event exhibitor packages. When it comes to finding and securing […]

Need Event Sponsors? Check Out These 10 Steps to Finding Companies Interested in Sponsoring Events.

The process of crafting event sponsorship proposals and securing event sponsorships is complicated, but the hard work pays off. Ultimately, you need event sponsors to help bring revenue, and sponsors need you to help them reach a bigger audience. Therefore, it is a partnership that is worthwhile. But, how exactly do you go about finding […]

7 Tips for Getting the Attention of Corporate Event Sponsors

When it comes to finding event sponsors, corporate sponsors are the dream. When corporations are willing to sponsor events, it means your financial needs are being met, and your reputation is being developed. Therefore, it is natural for event planners to search for companies interested in sponsoring events. The problem is that sometimes they hesitate […]

8 Steps for Securing Discounts and Sponsors for Events

Events offer a wealth of benefits for brands and sponsors alike. Hence, the huge amount of event sponsorship requests companies receive. If you are new to the industry, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of getting the attention of companies interested in sponsoring events when you are up against many others doing […]

How to Effectively Secure Event Sponsorships

Putting on an event creates excellent opportunities to bring in funds while raising awareness for your company. However, setting up an event and everything that comes with it costs a lot of money. It takes time to produce a stellar event and work out all of the details. Even though there are many ways to […]