Four Easy Ways to Add Value to Sponsorships

Organizations with limited budgets must turn to corporate sponsors to help them with their events. Without sponsors, organizations are often unable to reach out to the people in their communities with events like 5K runs, holiday parties, and children’s activities. These cannot happen without helpful corporations and local businesses. If you are tasked with finding the sponsors, you can use all of the help that you can get. These tips are designed to help you succeed in finding and securing sponsors for your next big event.

Include sponsors on all messages and announcements

When corporations decide to sponsor events, they expect the community to know. The easiest and most valuable thing you can do for your sponsors is to showcase their logos on any messages and announcements you make. Their logos should be proudly displayed on your social media pages and posts. Boldly include them on every press release and on every piece of printed material. They should also be showcased on banners, tee shirts, and any other spot that you included in their benefits package.

Create networking events to showcase sponsors

Since most events have several sponsors, a valuable tool to build their leads is a networking event. The format of the event should fit the style of the sponsors. Some might appreciate an organized speed networking opportunity with preselected topics, while others might like a casual, conversational event. Include a networking event in your sponsors’ benefit package and ask them what they prefer; then build it. The event could just be for sponsors or it could include attendees, too.

Give your sponsors time on stage

There are several ways to give your sponsors stage time and they are all dependent on the type of event your are organizing. If you have a stage for speakers, your sponsors could be involved in a keynote address or a special breakout session. Your sponsors could be the people who introduce the keynote speaker. Giving your sponsors time on stage gives them an audience. If the event corresponds with the sponsor releasing a new product, your event could be the place where the product is released to the public. There are plenty of exciting ways to put your sponsors on stage in front of a live audience.

Fill screens with logos

Your sponsors logos should be on display everywhere during the event. One of the most useful – but often forgotten –  is the screen when it isn’t being used. Instead of having a blank screen when nothing is being presented, you can offer your sponsors time between speakers. During down time, you can fill the screen with logos or videos about your sponsor. The videos can be informative, educational, or entertaining. You could have a constant slideshow of images from the event or from past events. Whatever you do, be sure that your sponsors are front and center on the screen so that everyone who shows up to the event is aware who helped finance it.