Creative Ways to Bring Event Exhibitors to Your Next Event

Once upon a time, it was accepted to set up event sponsors and exhibitors with space at your event to advertise their products to the event audience. And, it worked! Event exhibitors worked out great for both parties – you need revenue for your event, and they need new consumers. It was a win-win.

It still is a widely accepted marketing approach that guarantees ROI; however, as event attendance dwindles, it is more important than ever before to present potential event exhibitors with an array of options for making long-lasting impressions with potential consumers. For example, if they are only given an exhibition booth at the event, they will only have a few seconds (possibly a couple of minutes) to make an impression.

Why Online Marketing Campaigns are Key to Securing Exhibitors

With today’s online marketing tools, it is much wiser to present event exhibitor proposals that include online marketing benefits. Companies interested in exhibiting at events are interested in attracting as many new customers as possible – this should extend the doors of the actual event.

When you approach companies that exhibit at events, they want to see that you are willing to help them connect with your event attendees in a myriad of ways outside of the traditional face-to-face exhibitor booths.

Possible Online Marketing Ideas for Event Exhibitor Packages

In addition to the wide range of social media marketing tools, there are many other creative online marketing ideas you can use to bring more exhibitors on board. Let’s look at some possibilities.

– Add an exhibitor section to your website. Within this section, be sure to include space for the exhibitor’s logo and a clear way to link to their website.

– As you create various event exhibitor packages, include different online marketing features for higher paying sponsors, such as advertising banners.

– Offer sponsors the chance to co-sponsor virtual events (i.e., webinars) before or after your event.

– If you are working with a nonprofit, ask sponsors to give donations. These donations show your community that the sponsors are also invested. Plus, the sponsors’ donations are tax-deductible.

– Create a co-branded content site with new resources for event attendees that are created by event exhibitors.

– Set up an easy way for event guests to plan to see/meet the various event exhibitors by using easy online sign-up tools.

To Wrap Up

Ultimately, you want potential sponsors and exhibitors to see that you are on the same team. You want them to see that your goal is to help them reach their ideal consumer and that you are going above and beyond to make that connection happen. By presenting potential sponsors and exhibitors with a variety of ways to make impressions with your audience, you are showing them it will be a major return on investment.