Better Benefits Will Lead to Increased Virtual Event Sponsorships

You want virtual event sponsors, but so does everyone else. Sponsors receive benefits from you, and in return, you reap the rewards. Or not. Unfortunately, too many event planners include the same old traditional (and boring) benefits in their event sponsorship proposals, mostly established from the physical events, and then they are surprised when they […]

5 Best Practices for Online Event Exhibitors

Many tech and telecom conferences have gone virtual, thanks to COVID-19, and if you’re an exhibitor at one of these newly-changed events, you may be wondering how to successfully shift or match the “real world” experience to the online one. Here are five best practices for maximizing your online event exhibitor results. Plan ahead as […]

5 Ways to Find the Right Technology Trade Shows to Exhibit

It’s like the quest for the holy grail – for those of us in IT marketing and sales, we’re always looking for the best technology trade shows and tech conferences to exhibit. For some businesses, the best places to have a booth are the largest tech conferences; for others, the smaller IT trade shows – […]

Finding the Decision-Makers at Trade Shows

Exhibiting at Technology trade shows isn’t easy, from the planning and logistics it takes to get there to the time and resources of setting up and being at the booth, as well as walking the show and attending sessions. With all the effort and expense, it’s important that there be a good outcome, which typically […]