Sponsorship Multi Tools: The Key to Securing Sponsors?

Sponsorship acquisition is both an art and science. In order for one to be good at it, one must have the right tools in their arsenal order to fully succeed. In this article, let us narrow down the specific techniques and technology can highly contribute to effectiveness of acquiring sponsors. These components make up a […]

How Event Planners Can Use The Advantage of SEO?

SEO is now a hot topic in the professional event planning arena. In fact, many event planners are now seeing the importance of SEO – yet people are still in the dark. If you think that website ranking for event planners is not an important factor now, you better think again. Every day that you […]

10 Things to Consider to Ensure Sponsorship

Securing a sponsor for an event may be challenging for most sponsorship seekers as it usually require proper planning as well as diligence in order to succeed. In this article, let us explore some of the effective ways to secure sponsorship for your event. We will also outline on how to best plan the event, […]

The 4 Irrefutable Qualities of World-Class Public Speakers

Public speaking is a wonderful profession that can lead to numerous opportunities and career paths. As a public speaker, your goal is to talk in front of the audience and compel them into making decisions. At times, you will also be tasked to highlight an organizational message or a set of specified objectives. Whichever your […]

Tips on How to Find Sponsors For Your Event

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of holding events is finding the funding. This is the main reason why many companies prefer to find sponsors to fund their events instead of having to raise the funds directly from the attendees. Though many companies would have to go through the grueling process of looking for […]

Four Easy Ways to Add Value to Sponsorships

Organizations with limited budgets must turn to corporate sponsors to help them with their events. Without sponsors, organizations are often unable to reach out to the people in their communities with events like 5K runs, holiday parties, and children’s activities. These cannot happen without helpful corporations and local businesses. If you are tasked with finding […]

How to Measure The Return of Investment of Sponsorships

One of the main tasks of event organizers is to bring in sponsors and coordinate with all the events team members to create a successful event. It is through the event’s success will the sponsors gauge whether it the event has brought in great return of investment and if it’s worth continuing the collaboration. Meeting […]

How to Be a Good Keynote Speaker?

Keynote speaking is one of the most lucrative activities in the world today. From technology to the corporate sector, many keynote speakers were hired to spread the message of various companies. However, it’s important to know that many people are still unaware of the real definition of keynote speaking. What sets it apart from traditional […]

A Quick Guide to Finding New Event Exhibitors and Increasing Revenue

It is an unfortunate truth that you can longer count on event exhibitors to come back year after year. As times have changed, there is more competition. Therefore, it is only natural for event exhibitors to look for the best and lest expensive options for events where they have an exhibition booth. Just as the […]