Better Benefits Will Lead to Increased Virtual Event Sponsorships

You want virtual event sponsors, but so does everyone else. Sponsors receive benefits from you, and in return, you reap the rewards. Or not. Unfortunately, too many event planners include the same old traditional (and boring) benefits in their event sponsorship proposals, mostly established from the physical events, and then they are surprised when they […]

The Unique Traits the Most Successful Event Planners All Share

Event planning is not something that just anyone can do. When it comes to planning a successful event, creating event sponsorship packages, and finding quality speakers, you must be prepared to face challenges and overcome them. But, when an event planner can do all these things and then some, you can rest assured you are […]

10 Secrets Event Exhibitors Know About Attending Trade Shows

Are you considering attending a trade show as an event exhibitor to introduce your product to the world? If so, this is a fantastic decision! But, for those of you new to event exhibitor proposals and event exhibitor packages, many things may surprise you beyond what you read in the brochure and contract. To give […]

Creative Ways to Bring Event Exhibitors to Your Next Event

Once upon a time, it was accepted to set up event sponsors and exhibitors with space at your event to advertise their products to the event audience. And, it worked! Event exhibitors worked out great for both parties – you need revenue for your event, and they need new consumers. It was a win-win. It […]

The Real Nature of Keynote Speaking

Many people wanted to engage in keynote speaking. Perhaps they saw the glamorous life – the surface – of being a keynote speaker. Behind the veil, however, are the monumental challenges that a keynote speaker must face. If you’re planning to take the path of keynote speaking, you should understand its very core. What is […]

10 Ways to Find More Potential Event Exhibitors

When it comes to planning an event designed with trade booths and exhibitors, one of the most difficult tasks is finding event exhibitors. In addition to the time it takes to put together event exhibitor proposals and event exhibitor packages, you must find the companies interested in exhibiting at events like yours. It is timely […]

Five ways to reach out to corporate sponsors for your next event

Hosting an event is not cheap and finding sponsors for it is not easy. Most organizations do not have large budgets that give them unlimited funds for events. This is why so many groups have to find sponsors. And, those who have to find them understand the challenges and frustrations. Some people describe finding sponsors […]

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Event Sponsors

Let’s face it. You need event sponsorships for revenue. On average 40% of the events revenues are derived from sponsorships and 60% from registration (i.e., selling tickets). There is no way around it. But, the process of finding not only companies interested in sponsoring events but that are also excited to sponsor your event is […]

15 Creative Ways to Boost Foot Traffic to Exhibition Booths

As event planners and event exhibitors are both hoping for promising ROI, it is imperative that they work together to encourage higher foot traffic to exhibition booths. And, the booth babes no longer cut it when it comes to drawing attention to an event exhibitor. Instead, today‚Äôs most successful event planners and event exhibitors know […]