How to Be a Good Keynote Speaker?

Keynote speaking is one of the most lucrative activities in the world today. From technology to the corporate sector, many keynote speakers were hired to spread the message of various companies. However, it’s important to know that many people are still unaware of the real definition of keynote speaking. What sets it apart from traditional […]

A Quick Guide to Finding New Event Exhibitors and Increasing Revenue

It is an unfortunate truth that you can longer count on event exhibitors to come back year after year. As times have changed, there is more competition. Therefore, it is only natural for event exhibitors to look for the best and lest expensive options for events where they have an exhibition booth. Just as the […]

What Do Sponsors Look For When Evaluating Sponsorship Proposals

In the corporate world, it is very common for companies to seek for sponsorship for their events and projects. Therefore, one of the most common questions for event organizers and marketers would be how do companies choose and evaluate sponsorship proposals. For brands that have sponsorships as part of their marketing strategy, considering a sponsorship […]

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Secure Event Sponsors

If you want your event to be a raging success, then you must have event sponsors. There is no way around it. Event sponsorships are crucial for bringing in revenue and improving the overall quality of an event. But, it can feel overwhelming and intimidating to approach strangers or companies that sponsor events when you […]

8 Traits a Great Corporate Sponsorship Manager Must Have

Handling corporate sponsorships is usually quite the difficult task as it includes various crucial moving parts in order for it to succeed. It entails convincing an individual or businesses to invest in an event that may or may not be successful. In a company, the one who usually handles the corporate sponsorships of its events […]

9 Different Types of Sponsorship Structural Options

For sponsorships to work, they need to be fully tailored to the requirements and objectives of all the parties involved. Therefore, let us explore the type of sponsorship structures to help identify which ones work for your organization. 1. Less frequent, but bigger sponsorships With the importance of leveraging a sponsorship in a creative and […]

Four Traits Every Great Public Speaker Should Have

Every amazing public speaker have four things in common, other great presenters have acquired this skill over time through practice and self-awareness. Experienced public speakers know that every great presentation requires a certain panache, it is an actual skill. Stage fright aside, every literate person can stand up in front of a crowd, and read […]