7 Tips for Getting the Attention of Corporate Event Sponsors

When it comes to finding event sponsors, corporate sponsors are the dream. When corporations are willing to sponsor events, it means your financial needs are being met, and your reputation is being developed.

Therefore, it is natural for event planners to search for companies interested in sponsoring events. The problem is that sometimes they hesitate because it seems impossible. But, it’s not! Companies that sponsor events typically have a substantial budget just for sponsorships because you are helping their marketing department.

By following these seven tips, you can secure the event sponsorships you need from the companies you want.

1. Let Your Mission and Your Data Speak for Itself

Before you begin looking for event sponsors, you need to have a clear vision of what exactly you need. You find this be developing a clear mission and identifying your demographic. Once you know who your audience is and what your event will bring them, find the data to support your vision. Then, be prepared to approach the right potential sponsors with this information.

2. Write Event Sponsorship Proposals That Are Enticing

Instead of writing a boring event sponsorship proposal, you want to write one that is enticing. You make it enticing by customizing it to the potential sponsor, as well as telling a story that builds an emotional connection. For example, how will your event make a difference to those in attendance? Additionally, the proposal should include:

your mission statement,

the benefits for the sponsor,

your target audience demographics,

and what you are seeking from a sponsor.

3. Be Specific with What You Can Offer and Deliver

Be prepared to provide potential sponsors with specific examples of the types of deliverables and benefits you can provide. For instance, provide them with influencer marketing stats and circulation numbers.

4. Head to the Big Boss First

Avoid being pushed around and forgotten by going to the big boss first. In other words, avoid filling out any basic contact forms or speaking to assistants. Contact the head of the marketing department right from the start.

5. Aim Big Financially

When you are dealing with corporations, aim big. They are financially prepared to sign on for full event sponsorship packages rather than a measly $1000 proposal. Additionally, when it comes to seeking sponsors, be upfront about what you need financially. Do not wait for the sponsor to ask you. Instead, you should already have packages and benefits prepared and outlined for each potential sponsor.

6. Have Integrity Throughout the Entire Process

It shouldn’t have to be said, but I’ll say it anyway – have integrity. Whatever you do, do not make promises you cannot keep. Not only is this deceitful, but it can also cost you big time. In addition to ruining your reputation, it can also affect your future sponsor relationships. Instead, be honest and forthcoming from the beginning.

7. Stick to the Point

While everyone in the industry will tell you the importance of always following up until you receive a clear “yes” or “no,” you should also avoid annoying potential sponsors. Be concise and direct about what you need.

Landing a corporate sponsor is a major accomplishment that will not only make your event more successful but will also align you with larger and more powerful industry influencers. Help yourself and your sponsors gain more recognition by displaying them on the sponsor page of your website.