5 Tips to Secure More Event Exhibitors

When it comes to planning a major event that relies on exhibitions, you have to plan to secure enough event exhibitors to make it a success. However, it is not always easy to find companies are interested in exhibiting at events or are interested in event exhibitor packages.

When it comes to finding and securing companies that exhibit at events, there are five things you must do to prove your event is the one they need to partner with to find success.

1. Provide Exhibitors with the Data They Need

Data, data, data. The more data and event statistics you can provide, the better. Before you can present a potential exhibitor with an event exhibitor proposal, you must have collected all the necessary data to show them why your event is a solid investment. For instance, you should be able to identify your potential audience clearly. What specifics do you have for the event attendees? By showing that the job titles of attendees and industries they work in align with the exhibitor’s potential buyers, you are making it clear that they need to be where you are.

2. Present Recommendations from Previous Exhibitors

Don’t shy away from bragging. Show potential exhibitors why past exhibitors came and how they benefitted. Make this even better by providing them with recommendations, quotes, and endorsements.

3. Explain Your Marketing Strategy

Be prepared to explain your marketing strategy upfront. How will you market the event in the media and online? What is your online marketing campaign? By providing them with specific details about how you plan to market to their potential consumer, you are showing the ways you will effectively be helping them marketing their products as well.

4. Show Them How You Will Lead Event Attendees to Them

Often, event exhibitors hesitate because they are afraid they will be lost in a sea of other exhibitors. Show them this will not be the case at your event. Make it clear from the beginning how you plan to lead event attendees to them. For instance, show them where their information will appear in all your printed materials, as well as the event floor plan.

Take time to explain how you plan to index materials and categorize the exhibitors by topic, product, and service in an easy-to-understand way for attendees so that those potential consumers can find them easily.

Additionally, guarantee a section of your event website for exhibitors. This section should include a brief profile of each exhibitor and a direct link to their website. This way event attendees can begin doing their research beforehand.

5. Show Them You Value Them

Finally, show them you value them. Do not merely sign them on as an event exhibitor and not speak to them again. Instead, keep them in the loop. Let them know what to expect and provide help and advice as needed. Make sure they feel safe and secure by providing clear details about who to contact when they encounter logistical issues. Then, after the event, ask them for their impressions and accept their feedback.