15 Creative Ways to Boost Foot Traffic to Exhibition Booths

As event planners and event exhibitors are both hoping for promising ROI, it is imperative that they work together to encourage higher foot traffic to exhibition booths. And, the booth babes no longer cut it when it comes to drawing attention to an event exhibitor. Instead, today’s most successful event planners and event exhibitors know the importance of using creativity and technology to attract the desired attention.

Companies that exhibit at events will not be happy if they invest in your event and then do not have many attendees visit their booth. While you may believe it is up to them to find ways to attract attention, it is also part of your job. Your job is to keep the exhibitors happy and to encourage their success. Therefore, it is always helpful to provide them with some suggestions for boosting foot traffic. Here are 15 ways to boost foot traffic to pass on to your event exhibitors:

1. Give away product samples. The most common way to get traffic to an exhibition booth is to give something away. So, do it! Just make sure that what you are giving away is representative of your product or brand – not something random.

2. Let guests be the first to see a new product. Product launching at event exhibitions is a great way to get people to stop by your booth.

3. Engage with existing customers before the event. Don’t forget about the customers that already know you. Let them know ahead of the event where you will be and why they should come see you again.

4. Go ahead and splurge for ads on the event mobile app. Premium ads on the event mobile app are a fantastic way to get your name front and center for attendees.

5. Run ads on social media. Additionally, instead of simply relying on what is sure to be an overused and inundated social media hashtag, runs some paid advertising on social media.

6. Host a competition. Use your social media accounts to announce and run a competition during the event.

7. Give away resources in exchange for contact information. If your company or product is a valuable resource, give some of it away in exchange for contact information (such as emailing an e-book).

8. Support your favorite causes. Give to charity in response to social media actions from attendees.

9. Encourage social media engagement. Ask booth visitors to “like,” “comment” or “share” about you on social media. This will allow for long-term social media engagement.

10. Provide a space to relax and recharge. Be the exhibitor booth that has comfortable chairs and plugs for guests to charge their devices.

11. Embrace the photo booth. Photo booths at events are all the rage right now. You can also post photos and encourage photo sharing to your social media sites throughout the event.

12. Host mini-workshops on the hour. Offer regularly scheduled short workshops or seminars at your booth throughout the event.

13. Run polls and ask questions during the event. Using social media, post questions for event attendees to answer, as well as polls.

14. Offer incentivized check-ins. With the event mobile app, offer incentivized check-ins.

15. Go live with Instagram or Facebook stories. The current trend of going live is another excellent way to attract an audience. Show attendees what is happening at your booth and encourage them to stop by and see for themselves.