10 Ways to Find More Potential Event Exhibitors

When it comes to planning an event designed with trade booths and exhibitors, one of the most difficult tasks is finding event exhibitors. In addition to the time it takes to put together event exhibitor proposals and event exhibitor packages, you must find the companies interested in exhibiting at events like yours. It is timely and costly, but if you spend time finding the right prospects, you will reap the benefits.

Here are ten ways to find more event exhibitors for your next event or trade show.

1. Accelerate your content marketing.

Content marketing is essential for finding new exhibitors. In addition to the traditional press releases, you should also look for innovative ways to market your event to those in your industry.

2. Use social media to your advantage.

You must be on social media, and you must be using SEO keywords to bring people to your social media sites. Additionally, you should join and participate in industry-specific social media groups without bombarding them only with information from your event.

3. Perform intentional Google searches.

Know who your customers as, as well as who the competition is. You can easily find out competitors by performing intentional Google searches. For example, when you search for a company, you will also be given the “people also search for” results. These are the competitors.

4. Set up industry-based Google alerts.

If you are not already receiving Google alerts for news and information pertinent to your industry, now is the time.

5. Search for products.

If your event will promote consumer products, then it is a wise move to search for products online intentionally. In addition to Amazon, you should also search sites like Etsy.

6. Utilize paid search marketing.

Naturally, you do not want to spend more money than you need to, but paid search ads are a great tool for finding new event exhibitors. For instance, if someone is online searching, a paid search ad can lead them directly to your website.

7. Subscribe to newsletters and other industry media.

To know about companies and products in your industry, you can stay up-to-date by subscribing to magazines and newsletters and following social media pages.

8. Elicit information from your event audience.

Ask for feedback from your audience. See if the attendees know of companies or individuals who they would like to see at your event.

9. Improve your website.

Make your website a hub of industry-related content. In addition to having a clear exhibitor page, design the content of your website to be a resource for others in your same industry. This will lead them not only to your website but also to your exhibitor page.

10. Always add important event data in your emails.

Finally, do not neglect the importance of a well-made email signature. In the email signature, you should always include the partinent event information, as well as links where event exhibitors can find more information.