10 Secrets Event Exhibitors Know About Attending Trade Shows

Are you considering attending a trade show as an event exhibitor to introduce your product to the world? If so, this is a fantastic decision! But, for those of you new to event exhibitor proposals and event exhibitor packages, many things may surprise you beyond what you read in the brochure and contract.

To give you a glimpse into what to expect at your first exhibit, check out these ten secrets from those who have been there before.

1. The cost of being an event exhibitor is worth it.

When you begin looking at event exhibitor packages, you may experience sticker shock. However, as anyone who has attending trade shows as an exhibitor will tell you, the cost is worth it. You will get more exposure than you ever could on your own from buyers from all over the world.

2. Listen to the buyers.

Many trade show attendees are professional retail buyers; therefore, you should be open to whatever constructive criticism they provide. They know what sells and what doesn’t, so listen to their feedback.

3. Impressing one representative may be all you need for national distribution.

In addition to professional buyers, you should also anticipate companies that exhibit at events, as well as company representatives. Plus, if your product captures the attention of one company representative, this may be all you need for national distribution.

4. Exhibitors love to network.

Trade shows are not the time to play shy. Instead, you should use your time as an opportunity to network with other exhibitors. Be willing to share about your experience and listen as others share theirs. Additionally, connect with those who have been in your shoes previously so that you can learn what worked for them.

5. Do not expect your first product or event exhibit to bring great success.

You may be disheartened by some of the stories you hear about the amount of time and money it takes for a product to become successful. This is an unfortunate truth, but you can glean a lot of insight and wisdom by learning the truth about product development from other event exhibitors.

6. It won’t happen overnight.

Do not attend the event and expect magic to happen overnight. Most of the other event exhibitors will tell you that it takes years to make it. On average, most product developers do not see any profits until after five years.

7. Go with a group of exhibitors.

If this is your first time as an event exhibitor and you are not sure about the cost, think about attending the trade show and sharing a trade show booth with other exhibitors. This will drastically cut your costs.

8. Be prepared to see some flops.

You will see products that are surely doomed to fail, as well as event exhibitors that clearly have no idea what they are doing or how they plan to market their products.

9. Be an event exhibitor with just your prototypes.

It is wise to consider attending a trade show as an exhibitor with only your prototypes. This is because at the trade show you will receive valuable feedback that will help you make the finished product better. Before you invest tons of money into producing your product, you should consider finding out what works first.

10. Reflect on your overall event exhibitor experience.

Finally, after your time as an event exhibitor comes to a close, reflect on the experience. What did you learn? Do you still believe in your product? Or has the experience shown you that it may be time to take a step back an re-evaluate?